Local Hero Software - Local SEO & marketing tool | Local Business tools

Local Hero software – Review | Generate unlimited free local leads for business

Local Hero software – Review | Generate unlimited free local leads for business

A software that takes care of the Local Business, find out the local business around you and help them grow and get paid more than $500 per client by using local hero software.

Local Hero software offers an easy subscription that takes all the care, generating leads from 0 to after-sale closure and makes you $10000+ in your spare time.

As Google search has evolved the businesses also need to be updated for the progress and to fit in the rising competition. Local search is seen to become more popular for small business trying to establish their online presence. With local hero we will help you in understanding the scenario of the local business.

Local Hero Software - Local SEO & marketing tool | Local Business tools

There are nearly more than 30 million local businesses in the USA alone, among them nearly 95% have searched for online business and more than 80% have gone through Google maps for business locations an estimate. The opportunity in gaining local leads for business growth is highly potential and the nest to be looked up.

The best approach towards any business lead is to have a complete analysis and a growth plan to present, this will perfectly gain you the lead and the money making business. Local Hero is such an organised software which has everything predesigned for you, just one click and you on a money making business model.

Let me not hype the thing, it has a pre developed offer templates, lead capturer, ideas for improvement, no hard selling is required. This is a perfect modern day business tool, which will save you a lot of time, efforts and expense of reaching to you leads.

How about if I say, your lead will chase you for offering business even if you are just starting out in to the business world? Local Hero software is an optimized and the easiest tool ever made after researching even the little to the major requirements of the clients.

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What is Local Hero?

Local Hero Software - Local SEO & marketing tool | Local Business tools

Local business have seen the potential and effects of online branding towards the business, many local small business have tried to come online with some knowledge they found but only a few have grown using strategies while others are confused about where to start and how to grow.

As we have seen in the past year due to the hit of Pandemic, the entire world had an effect on their businesses, many small business were started and a few had to shut down due to the lockdown situation.

Such business are looking for people who work to grow their brand and business, these business are ready to pay the person who would do online branding for their offline business. That person could be you with Local Hero in your pocket. The purpose of creating Local Hero was to give these business a helping hand in such a tough situation and the person operating the tool will also get paid enough, so it’s a win win situation for both.

The demand for growth of local business is increasing on a large scale when things are getting a little normal post the covid situation. With Local Hero in simple steps you can identify the un-optimized and broken links that need attention for optimization. Local Hero is fully equipped tool to operate on the Google My Business and Google maps.


  • Local Hero is easy to use even for a newbie.
  • This software tracks local hot leads that need to be fixed.
  • No hard selling is required when you have ready to go campaigns for converting leads into sale.
  • Earn more than $500 from more and more leads regularly.

Local business are the most in demand and hot leads to work on currently, stop cold calling and hard door to door selling. Get started with Local Hero and start earning in a very short time, after a complete setup.

Local Hero Software Overview

Software Local Hero Local Hero
Vendor Talal Abderrazzak
Launch Date 4 Aug 2021
Type Local & SEO Marketing
Bonus Get Discount Here
Usage Extreme effective
Recommended Highly
Skills Required Basic

Local Hero Software - Local SEO & marketing tool | Local Business tools

What Local Hero Offers best?

Detects Local Leads: Prospects local business clients through Google. It finds you the best local businesses who are in need for assistance in seconds, with the details of client like email, website and contact number. It also shows you what is the service required by the client.

Local Hero Software - Local SEO & marketing tool | Local Business toolsReady Email Templates: There are ready to send easy email templates for sending to the client professionally to approach for the required service that will fix the broken link.

Schema Markup: Get detail insights of the client websites for scheme health and fixes needed in scheme setup of their sites.

Website Analytics: This software gives you a complete site-audit report completely formatted which you can charge from your client for website audit. Else you can give them the audit report and charge for fixing the issues related to SEO for beating their competitors.

Local SEO: Search for the keywords for your client to beat competitors and improve the SEO health of their website.

Client Management: This is a all in one software for your required SEO management. Manage all the leads and in single CRM channelized for multiple clients. Find new clients approach and ready to run campaigns for letting your service promotions.

This is an ideal and easy tool till date for running a perfect agency business, freelancers. Single purchase gives you multiple usage and develop a profitable business which will give you more than $500 per lead.

Could based AI app: Cloud storage lets you to work from any location and any device. Ready templates are synced in the cloud database with AI feature, easily customizable from any device. You can obtain multiple niche leads from this single tool, and it contains templates for all business.

User friendly interface: Easy interface which does not requires any technical skills to operate. Just login to your account and start accessing even if you are a newbie. The software offers a detailed tutorial for first time users which is easy to understand. One click export data in multiple format spreadsheets for data management.

Multi-User access: Add multiple users and assign team members for quick access or as secondary users.

Auto-updates: Software keeps itself updated for latest updates tools and templates that are attractive and quick converting.

Close Clients easily: Local Hero manages the complete agency business for you from generating leads sending business proposals to closing the clients professionally with complete work done and reports of performance.

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About the Developer

Local Hero is developed by Tom Yevsikov & Firas Alameh, other products by Ranksnap, Vidinflux, etc. are also their best selling products category. Tom develops products which focused on customer needs. Tom himself is an experienced marketer and understands the needs of a newbie or and experienced marketer.

Check for –

Local Hero Pro

Local Hero Maximum Clients Edition

Local Hero Reseller Edition

Local Hero D.FY Reseller Unlimited Edition

FAQs about Local Hero

Q. Does Local Hero charge monthly?
A. If you buy Local Hero today, there is no monthly fees. You get the entire pack lifetime access with a low one time payment.

Q. Can anyone use this software?
A. Local Hero software is for Local SEO and Marketing services. Even if you are newbie or a seasoned marketer looking to automate your services then this is a perfect for you, generate hot leads everyday.

Q. What Local Hero does for business?
A. Local Hero software generates free unlimited local leads that need help in online businesses, automatically converts leads to sales making $500, without cold calling or hard selling.

Q. What if I buy Local Hero software today?
A. There is a low one time price with added bonuses like free training and other features.

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