How to use Bitcoin on Amazon

How to use Bitcoin on Amazon

Amazon is one of the huge marketplaces which sells almost everything and is also the most anticipated retailer to accept Bitcoin for payment. Though the platform does not directly accepts any type of cryptocurrency and also the company has dismissed the rumours about acceptance of Bitcoin by the end of 2021. But there are a various services that allow you to use Bitcoin and other cryptos to shop on Amazon. So in this article we have explained how users can make use of crypto while they are purchasing from Amazon.

How to use Bitcoin on Amazon for shopping

With the help of BitPay you can use Bitcoin to buy anything on Amazon. BitPay also allows you to use any other cryptocurrency for buying products in exchange on Amazon.

  • The presence of Bitpay Card helps you to pay against purchases made on Amazon.
  • Also BitPay allows to obtain gift cards directly into the wallet or extension

What is BitPay Card

Like any of the debit cards from the banks, BitPay Card is basically a crypto debit card that performs similarly. Perhaps, instead of linking any traditional bank account to your BitPay Card, users can connect the card easily to their crypto holding wallet apps. Once the card is loaded with the crypto wallets users can instantly start spending their various coin holdings such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (Doge), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and other supported coins for Amazon shopping.

How to use BitPay for paying through Bitcoin on Amazon

Users can use the BitPay app to start using Bitcoin and other cryptos on Amazon

  • Download the BitPay app from the official website
  • After downloading the app user needs to sign up for the BitPay Card
  • Approval of the BitPay card is done in a few minutes and a virtual card is created instantly after the approval
  • Now the user can load the card to any of the compatible crypto wallet
  • Once connected with the wallet users can now use it anytime to pay at the checkout like any other debit card on Amazon

Therefore, users can use their BitPay Card regularly for shopping on Amazon such as everyday purchases, travel, entertaining and even pay their bills with the crypto.

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Buy Gift Cards using crypto on Amazon through the BitPay app

Other way to use cryptos on Amazon is by getting redeemable gift cards. BitPay allows the users to buy gift cards through cryptocurrency which can be used at several shops and businesses including Amazon.

  • Using the BitPay app users can connect their crypto wallets directly to the app
  • BitPay is compatible with a most of the popular wallets such as Coinbase, Electrum, Kraken, Metamask, Trust and others.
  • On the home screen click on the Shop option and then on Amazon, now enter the crypto amount that has to be transferred to Amazon credit and select the preferred wallet. After the transaction is completed BitPay generates a virtual gift card within the app.
  • Now users can start shopping and use the newly generated Amazon gift card during checkout.


Q. What can be bought using cryptocurrency from Amazon through BitPay?

A. BitPay allows its users to convert their cryptos into Amazon credits or redeemable gift cards which can be used to make any purchases from Amazon.

Q. What are the cryptocurrencies that can be used on Amazon?
A. Users can use the BitPay card or wallet app to fund their Amazon shopping through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DAI, XRP, Binance USD, Pax Dollar, Gemini Dollar. Moreover, BitPay are constantly adding new coins and broadening the coin base.

Q. What are the wallets supported by BitPay for Amazon?
A. BitPay app and BitPay Card supports almost all the popular crypto wallets such as Coinbase, Exodus, Kraken, Metamask, Trust to name a few. Most of the BitPay users prefer using non-custodial wallet as it is easy to buy, store and spend their holdings.

Q. Is there any in-house crypto currency of Amazon?
A. As of now, there are no cryptocurrencies introduced by Amazon or there are no plans as such as disclosed in public.

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