Do you have a crypto Interest account? | What is crypto interest account

What is crypto interest account | Grow you assets using crypto interest account

What is crypto interest account?

As we have seen how the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and Bitoin’s performance over the past few months is a good example of volatility of the digital currency, how about having a crypto interest account. In April the price of Bitcoin had touched $65000 per coin which drastically came down to $30000 by the month of May 2021.

The seasoned investors are using another way to hold their cryptocurrencies and make more money from their holdings, by using crypto interest accounts.

Regular cryptocurrency investors are aware of the volatility of their trusted crypto coins, they are fully prepared for the long term game with the altcoins. They know that FOMO(fear of missing out) panic buying and selling does not always help for a long run.

To extract maximum from their cryptocurrency holdings these seasoned investors moved towards storing their altcoins in the crypto interest account.

How will you earn from crypto interest account?

You can deposit your coins into the interest earning accounts with no deposits limit or lock in period for the deposit. Your deposits will be calculated with compound interest into the account and also you can redeem your funds any time.

Crypto deposit interest account
deposit your cryptos and gain interest from your account

A crypto interest account works same as your regular bank savings account. But when compared the with other traditional market returns the rate of returns these accounts are much higher, it’s a transaction of reward over risk.

The return rates depend on the market factors and the same cryptocurrency can be withdrawn which you have deposited, with an applicable withdrawal fee adjusted according to blockchain conditions.

The current annual percentage yield you can earn from a nationally available regular saving account is 0.70%(APY), while a leading crypto interest account platform can give you an annual percentage yield of up to 10.5% on all the deposits of your altcoins, automatically by earning the best compound interest on monthly basis.

How to start a your first crypto interest account in 2022?

Getting started with an interest account for your cryptos is as easy as getting your bank savings account, almost every platform has the same typical procedure for creating an account.

Identity proofs: Firstly you have to identify yourself by signing in with a valid email address and password, filling the required personal details, contact details and uploading the id proofs.

Verification: After submitting the application you will receive a verification email on your registered email id, after verifying the account through the verification link you will be allowed to use the crypto interest account.

Coins to deposit: After verification when you login to the interest account, you will be asked to select the cryptocurrency which you are willing to deposit into the crypto interest account.

Initiating the transfer: Once you have selected the cryptocurrencies to deposit you can head to the wallet of your holdings and initiate the transfer into your newly created interest account.

Transfer settlement: The transfer will be authenticated by certain number of blocks in the blockchain system and after a deposit is added to the chain the interest will accumulated automatically.

Hope you got an idea on crypto interest account and how you can start an account for yourselves, if you have any questions do write to us in comments below, we will answer them.

Also share the information and educate others to grow their cryptocurrency holdings using crypto interest account in long term.

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